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Obey Mistress Ilaya!

Privé ontvangst Aalst

+32 499 87 69 40

Obey Mistress Ilaya!

Privé ontvangst Aalst

+32 499 87 69 40

Privé ontvangst Aalst

* Ja, ik spreek ook gewoon Nederlands, ik ben 100% Vlaams *

If you are too lazy to read this entirely, you will not be a match for me.

I am a married woman with an all - natural curvy mom - body. I've been into Femdom for over 7 years already.

I see myself as a strict but fair Mistress, with a good dose of humour and humanity. I can be very sweet, I can be very mean. I am definitely a Sadist. I am not your typical porn Domme, dressed in fetish wear all the time or giving orders from start to finish. I do not own a dungeon or loads of BDSM furniture, I just have a bedroom with lots of fun tools!

But, first and foremost, I am a human being. I will have off days too. I have AuDHD, which makes some days harder than others. I do not claim to be a perfect Domme, who knows it all. I will make mistakes. You might be more experienced with certain activities. But I am open to learning, even from a submissive.

Anyone with an interest and willingness to serve and obey a Female and has the capacity of being a decent human being, can book a session with me.

Experience is not important. Even if it would be your very first session, you’re welcome! I do expect you to have done a bit of research and know a thing or two about kinks, limits, consent, Femdom.

I am open to recurring sessions with a submissive and building a deeper connection. I am however NOT looking for a submissive outside of the Pro Domme context.

I offer: * Femdom sessions * Specific fetish sessions (foot, spit, hair, nylon … ) * Keyholding * Findom, both on - and offline * Joining you to a kink event

I am a FemDomme, not a kink dispenser. That means we will discuss kinks and boundaries upfront, and during the session I do what I want within those boundaries. A Femdom wants to be pleased, instead of please a sub.

NO vaginal sex and no guaranteed orgasm for you!

For those that like a bit of exposure, I can make some pictures and/or videos during the session, for you to use and/or for me to use - only with full enthusiastic consent!

How to book a session? Send me a message. A polite and respectful message. A message where you put in some effort. Introduce yourself briefly, be clear about what you’re looking for and give me some insight in your kinks and limits. Do not give me a to do - list. Again, I am not a kink dispenser. Do not give me a scenario or script that I need to follow. I’m not an actress.

Fail to do any of these simple things, and you won’t even receive an answer. Remember that I am the one who decides whether or not we will meet.

Important note!

Bookings have to be made at least the day before.

New subs will have to pay a non - refundable deposit of 25% of the total price. No excuses. There’s plenty of ways to do so and remain anonymous. Only if you reschedule ahead of time - at least 6 hours prior to the booking - the deposit will be used for the new booking.

Prices: Femdom session, 1hr minimum: € 180 / hr Fetish date, 30 min minumum: € 100 / 30 min, € 180 / hr (for some fetishes I might allow a 15 min booking for € 65) Keyholding: € 10 - € 15 / week or € 35 - € 50 / month Findom: to be discussed Events: € 100 + entrance to the event + drinks at the event

09:00 tot 16:30
09:00 tot 16:30
09:00 tot 16:30
09:00 tot 12:30
Geslacht: Vrouw
Leeftijd: 33 jaar
Geaardheid: Biseksueel
Nationaliteit: België
Etniciteit: West-Europees
Talen: Nederlands, Engels
Lengte: 158cm
Gewicht: 70kg
Haarkleur: Blond
Kleur ogen: Blauw
Intiem kapsel: Geschoren
Cupmaat: C
Tattoo(s): Ja
Piercing(s): Neen
Roker: Neen




  • Facesitting
  • Rimmen (ontvangen)
  • Rollenspel
  • SM meester(es) hard
  • SM meester(es) soft
  • Spanking
  • Squirten
  • Strapon
  • Voetfetish

Andere diensten

  • Dinnerdate
  • Douchemogelijkheden
  • Overnachten
  • Sauna (begeleiding)
  • Trio (M/M/V)
  • Trio (M/V/X)
  • Trio (V/V/M)
  • Trio (V/V/X)
  • Virtuele seks
  • Vluggertje
  • Zakenreis binnenland
  • Zakenreis buitenland
Ilaya verwelkomt mensen met een beperking:
  • Auditieve beperking
  • Cognitieve beperking
  • Spraakbeperking
  • Visuele beperking
€ 50
30 minuten:
€ 85
1 uur:
€ 150
2 uren:
€ 275
€ 400
€ 1000
Sauna (begeleiding):
€ 400
Trio (M/M/V):
€ 250
Trio (M/V/X):
€ 250
Zakenreis binnenland:
€ 750
Zakenreis buitenland:
€ 850
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