Strict mesures Coronavirus

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UPDATE: No concrete date has been announced when physical sex work is permitted again.
This will be communicated as soon as there is more information.

Yesterday, March 17, 2020, the National Security Council announced new measures.

The following new measures will be implemented from 18 March, 12 noon:

  • Citizens must stay at home and avoid contact with the outside world as much as possible, with the exception of their family members and at work and essential movements.
  • Non-essential stores must be closed. Only food shops, pharmacies, pet shops and newsagents may remain open.
  • Access to supermarkets is limited to a maximum of one person per ten square meters and a maximum of 30 minutes per visit.
  • Night shops must close at 10 pm.
  • Hairdressers are only allowed to admit one customer at a time.
  • Working from home becomes mandatory, companies where this is not possible can remain open, only if the rules for social distancing * are respected.
  • All non-essential travel abroad is prohibited.
  • Public transport will continue to run, but a minimum distance of 1.5 meters between passengers must be guaranteed.

Although sex work is not literally included in this list, it goes without saying that sex work is no longer allowed. This because sex workers cannot guarantee social distancing.
We ask the advertisers and visitors of Redlights to show citizenship and to respect these new measures!

Advertisers with premium ads can contact us to pause their advert, after these measures we will reactivate these ads, without losing the purchased time. Normal adverts can be paused through the dashboard.

If you want to remain active you can for example give webcam shows or phone sex.
Create an account using the this link if you want to offer webcam sex.

These new measures are until April 19, 2020.
All previous measures also remain in force.

* Social distancing: You should keep at least 1.5 meters away from other people.